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About Us

With over 20 years of experience, what a journey! A successful career within toni and guy, a home salon leading to 2 city centre salons, a hair extension company and training salons in hair colour. I really have made the most of being in this industry.  But the reason for the retreat is what I want to tell you about.

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The course

Fundamental Cutting

Our course offers you the where’s and why’s on cutting hair, the different angles and shapes. Where to stand, how to hold the hair and scissors. From long to short hair this course gives you the tools to go away and create any haircut with confidence.

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We take care of you in every way

We will take care of your accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and transport to and from the retreat. Just let us know how you’re getting to us: train, car, bus etc and we will take care of the rest.

I set out as a Saturday girl leading to an apprenticeship at my local college.

After two years in college I can honestly say I still had no idea! I was lucky enough to get a job with Toni and guy who taught me so much. I grew and grew as a person and moved forward very quickly in my career. After owning my own salons and having apprentices to train I often find myself saying “ your not doing that cut in the salon (a square layer mainly) learn it and then forget it”

My philosophy

My philosophy is I will teach you angles, why we take sections, how by using the basics we can create any haircut and the rest will become your own. Giving someone the understanding rather than a book to copy is a much better way of learning.


Without any pressure, only enjoyment.


Learn, in a relaxing, empowering environment.


Likeminded individuals supporting one another.

Hairdressers without borders

After travelling to Nepal with Hairdressers without borders I was worried my method wouldn't work and they wouldn't understand as we had such little time. But the opposite happened the greater the understanding the greater the skill. All 21 students came away cutting the perfect bob, the perfect layers and understood how changing the shape will change the haircut. It was so emotional to see my methods work. This is the reason for the retreat, let's come and learn, grow and understand.

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