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We look forward to welcoming you at the retreat and are sure you will have a hugely positive experience.

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Frequently Asked questions

Who is the retreat for?

The retreat is for anyone looking to learn in a peaceful, safe, empowering environment. We will be taking things back to basics looking at the fundamentals of hair cutting and styling. The angles, shapes, direction and techniques which will help you grow confidence in your ability and enable you to learn how to manage your emotions when the busy salon environment becomes overwhelming.

Do you need to be a qualified hairdresser to do the course?

Yes you will need to be qualified in levels 1 and 2 hairdressing NVQ.

What will we be learning at the retreat?

We will be looking at the fundamentals of hair cutting, why we take the sections we do, how we change an angle to change the shape. The art of understanding a cut is to break it down and simplify it. We will be learning how we can manage mental health, how we can take a step back inside the salon and readjust our emotions.

Why would I do this course?

You would do this course when you're feeling overwhelmed in the salon. When you want to take a moment to yourself and go back to basics, or you're just starting out and have learnt the basics but want to really understand the art of cutting. To give yourself the confidence to approach any hair type and hair style and know how and where to take it from start to finish.

How many days is the course?

The course is 4 days, you will arrive on Sunday evening, and leave on Friday morning.

What's included in the price?

Pretty much everything is taken care of. Your accommodation, breakfast, lunch, snacks, transport from accommodation to retreat each day. You will have the evening to yourself or with your group whichever you decide on, so evening meal can be provided at request but a guide will be given of the local area.

If I don't drive, how do I get there?

If you don't drive it's no problem there are plenty of train stations and we can arrange transport to the accommodation for you.

How much of the money goes to HWB?

10% of the price of the course goes straight into hairdressers without borders, and you will be able to follow that on HWB social page and youtube channel.

Do I get equipment included?

We will provide most things apart from your scissors and brushes, so don’t forget those!

10% off all bookings will be donated to Hairdressers without borders
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We look forward to welcoming you at the retreat and are sure you will have a hugely positive experience.

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